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The Jesse Family Portrait Photography Session


Here are a sample of photos from the portrait shoot with the lovely Jesse Family.

We took a few candid shots at their home and then went for a wander to their local park and got snapping.

Georgia (the eldest) has the most beautiful eye colour I’ve ever seen and Grace was pure loveable mischief, who reminded me very much of my own daughter.

Lee, the girls dad, is a local firefighter, and was an absolute natural with the camera. And despite Nicky’s protesting, she didn’t take a bad photo the whole session. An extremely photogenic family!

We were blessed with beautiful weather and after running around the park Gracie was a bit hot and bothered and asked her mum for an ice lolly, when the shoot finished and she happily got one, she was very sweet to offer me a lick! Bless.

I hope you enjoy these images.

Have an amazing day!



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