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About me

Laura Attwood Photographer

Hello! Welcome to my website, I’m Laura, a wedding and portrait photographer from West Sussex.  Wife to Andy, a poker loving fireman and mumma to a feral wild child, Lena, who is 8 (going on 18…help!)

I love photographing peoples faces. Their expressions and reactions to being around people they love is the inspiration for my business. When I take a picture of someone or something and they love it. I get a little rush of happiness and excitement and it makes me want to keep on doing it.

Please take a look at my work and if you feel my photography suits your style, I’d love to connect with you – Facebook, Instagram.

Other trivia about me…

  • I am a lousy cook. According to my other half – my main ingredient is profanity.
  • I make a good vanilla vodka and passion fruit cocktail.
  • I am a sympathetic crier. If you start crying, I start crying.
  • My favourite ice cream is Haagen Dazs Pralines & Cream. (Once ate 5 tubs in 1 week – best food week ever.)
  • My favourite book – Romeo & Juliet ( and pretty much any love story…) Which is odd as I love happy endings…hmmm…
  • I dislike posing and fake cheesy smiles – I promise, I will never to ask you to smile for me.
  • I’ve discovered I use the same weird, squeaky voice when I talk to babies or dogs.  Can’t just be me…